Big Yellow Taxi - RAM Jazz Rhythm Class 2020 -

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The Royal Academy of Music Jazz Rhythm Class have given a new spin to Joni Mitchell's iconic and subtle protest song: Big Yellow Taxi. The words remind us to appreciate what we have, and realise what is being taken away from us without our consent, a message all too relevant in current times.

this track was recorded under lockdown conditions and is downolad only, all proceeds donated to Help Musicians UK

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Rosie Frater-Taylor vocals
Alma Naiduvocals
Laurence Wilkinstrumpet
Sam Norrisalto sax
Joel Kneetrombone
Harrison Maund trombone
Yoav Yenonguitar
Jackie Naylor piano
Harry Bakerelectric piano
Matt Carter synth
Seth Takaberry bass
Gene Taylor bass
Luca Caruso drums
Justin Tambini percussion
Luke Bainbridge percussion
Barak Schmool flute, arrangement


to Nick Smart and RAM for unwavering support.

Production Barak Schmool
Mixing Aviv Cohen