Méta Méta - Timeline - F-IRECD17 (2007)
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The songs arranged for this CD have come from the Afro-Cuban tradition of Santeria (Yoruba religion). Méta Méta (Yoruba for 3 by 3), salutes 9 Orishas (deities) of the pantheon by voice and instruments.


Barak Schmool alto sax, composition/arrangements & programming (5), extra keyboards (1,6,8,10,11), bata (7), guiro, chekere, karignan, conga (10)
Maurizio Ravalicolead vocals, congas, bata (2,7)
Finn Peters flute (6,11) alto sax (3)
Nick Ramm keyboards
Tom Mason bass (3,6,10,11)
Iian Pattinson drumkit (2,6,10) timbales (6) shekere (8)
Dave Pattman bata (1,2,9,10,11) timbales (8)
Hamish Orr bata (1,2,3,9,10,11)
Bill Bland bata (1,2,3,9,10,11)
Crispin Robinson bata (7)
David Okumu guitar (7)
Tom Herbert bass (1,2,4,6,8,9,11)
Leo Taylor drumkit (1,4,8,9,11)
Ivan Ormond vocals (7)
Tom Arthurs trumpet (2,10)
Tom Allan trumpet (2)
Carlos Lopez-Real alto sax (2,8)
Tim Smarttrombone (2,5)
Chris Lowe trombone (2,10)
Harriet Mackenzie violin (6)
Amanda Drummond viola (6)
Laura Anstee 'cello (6,9)
Ben Daviscello (9)
Choir (in various combinations)
Abigail Bailey, Andrew Woolf, Amaryllis Rizou, Amy Lu, Argibel Euba Ugarte, Barak Schmool, Ben Davis, Bill Bland, Carole Davies, Christiane Santana, Emmy Urquhart, Francesc Marco Sendon, Fumi Okiji, Hamish Orr, Ingrid Laubrock, Ivan Ormond, Ivo Neame, Joe Leach, Maria Montes-Sauceda, Nick Ramm, Nicola Burnett-Smith, Oli Beddall, Richard Lake, Samantha Payne, Sara Farina, Sarah Wackett, Tim Smart, Tom Mason.


1   ...for elegua 9.07
2   ...for ogun 7.17
3   ...for inle 2.24
4   ...for oya 7.12
5   ...for yemaya 1.31
6   ...for ochun 7.40
7   ...for odudua 7.24
8   ...for ibeji 6.43
9   ...for chango (part 1) 4.21
10   ...for chango (part 2) 5.58
11   ...for chango (part 3) 6.02


Whilst there are few people in Cuba who actually know well the original meanings of the song texts handed down from the times of slavery, the melodies, rhythms and dances are still used to join and bind the community. In was in this function that Méta Méta began, a project to join the students, friends and professionals of the F-IRE community when it was in its infancy, so all could participate in one music.

Musician, teacher and ethnomusicologist Amanda Vincent had made the suggestion that a band should be built around the 3 bata drums and the songs/dance that they accompany, instead of merely playing the music unchanged in sound but decontextualised. So the music was recontextualised and the practice of composing around intact religious music, (rather like chorale-prelude) shows the relation between the culture whence the music came, and the environments in which we have learnt and propagated it.

The initial group comprised 3 bata players (Dave, Hamish, Amanda), 2 alto saxes (Barak, Finn), bass (Tom Herbert), lead vocals (Zina Saro-Wiwa) and dancer (Diane Mitchell). In the 10 years since the project's inception, Timeline adopted and rearranged the music, and some tracks were expanded for the big band Synergy. Thus the title Méta Méta applies to the music alone, as the arrangements no longer belong to one specific line-up.


Thanks again to our friends and families, also...

Other performers who have shared in the music of Méta Méta:
Amanda Vincent, Caroline Morris, Davide Giovannini, Diane Mitchell, Elohor Pedro, Galia Delgado, George Hart, Guillermo Davis, Hanna Parviainen, Odartey Lamptey, Richard Spaven, Robin Mullarkey, Rory Simmons, Rudolfo Hechavarria, Tamara-Arom Hobbs, Zina Saro-Wiwa, the dancers of Bullies Ballerinas, and the many many students of Akwaaba Drum Orchestra and City University music department who have formed the chorus on performances over the years;

the teachers who are still sustaining and sharing this beautiful tradition:
Dave, Hamish, Bill & Crispin;

the whole F-IRE community;

the British Council in Libya, Eden Project, Pam Chowhan at the RFH, Derry Jazz Festival;


Engineering, Editing and MixingJoseph Leach at the cowshed (www.cowshedstudio.com) Antonio Feola, Tim Burns, Barak Schmool, Maurizio Ravalico
Catering and KnitwearBiba Tomulic, Laura Anstee
MasteringRoland Clarke at CRS Media
Artwork and DesignOctavio dos Santos Neto, Stéphanie Knibbe
PhotographyVolker Strater www.bdmdesign.com