• CD50 Yuri Galkin Nonet - One of a Kind
    Yuri Galkin Nonet - One of a Kind
    Album Title: One of a Kind
    Artist: Yuriy Galkin Nonet
    Catalogue no: F-IRECD50
    Date of Release: 12/02/2012
    Price: 9.99 GBP

    Contemporary 9-piece jazz orchestra playing Yuriy Galkin's original composition & arrangements. Yuriy Galkin is an award-winning composer, jazz musician and bandleader based in London, UK.The album presents seven of his original works and features some most prominent UK jazz musicians such as Freddie Gavita (British Rising Star Jazz Award, Empirical), John Turville (Parliamentary Jazz Award, Tim Garland), Dave Hamblett and George Crowley among others.

    Yuriy Galkin: Acoustic & Electric Bass
    Freddie Gavita: trumpet, flugelhorn
    Richard Turner: trumpet
    Jon Stokes: trombone
    Dafydd Williams: alto sax
    George Crowley: tenor sax
    Tamar Osborn: baritone & soprano saxes, bass clarinet
    John Turville: piano
    Dave Hamblett: drums


    John Fordham, The Guardian
    "elegantly layered music"

    Tim Garland on Yuriy Galkin's award-winning piece "Evolvent"
    "This piece has really been thought through and balances freedom for soloists with catchy cues and harmonies from the band that push the soloist forward. There are strong linear elements in the writing too which help create the sense of 'evolution' that the title evokes - the baritone writing is especially notable... A really enjoyable piece."

    Nikki Iles on Yuriy Galkin's award-winning piece "Evolvent"
    "A very exciting and impressive piece of contemporary writing. There is evidence here of a deep understanding of instrumentation and colour with great blend throughout and some lovely fresh and original groupings of instruments... This is a great example of a composer really understanding the sometimes difficult, but very important, balance between the written and improvised music. Here they are both dove-tailed beautifully - great stuff!"












    One For Fred




    Terminal X




    Bass Song




    Episode II




    Episode III







    All compositions written and arranged by Yuriy Galkin © & (P) 2011 Yuriy Galkin
    Produced by Yuriy Galkin
    Engineered by Dill Katz
    Mixed and mastered by Chris Lewis www.lewisaudio.com
    Cover photo by Ben Amure
    Design & artwork by Brian Hanlon


    Writing music for larger ensembles in particular always fascinated me. You can tell a story from the composer's perspective with countless opportunities to express your music ideas through unique instrumentation, harmonizing, rhythmic devices, melodic lines and counterpoints. Back to my earlier days I was fortunate to discover a mountain of jazz records by Charles Mingus, Miles Davis, Joe Henderson and later Dave Holland and Wayne Shorter.

    Every music culture has a space for roots and freedom, and that what makes it extraordinary. The process of composing can take me into a totally unpredictable direction. You never know the recipe and the outcome until you're there. You may have to feel the scent of the piece, the structure of it, its projection and sensation, the rest of it is just being aware of myriad choices and freedom to blend your impressions with a great sense of clarity.

    The album title NINE OF A KIND has a meaning of the formidable combination of nine instruments involved into the project - a nine-piece lineup in the first place, with the instrument doublings pushed to a much greater extent with endless possibilities for the composer to pursue his challenges in arranging and orchestrating.

    Being able to find the most ultimate, creative and universal language to advance my senses and personality in scores and delivering the imprints to audience, was the greatest encounter and joy I experienced when working on this CD on all stages.

    Constantly looking for fresh textures and developing new approaches I loved the idea of evolving transitions from a combo like sound to a medium size ensemble and eventually, expanding our somewhat 6-horn air forces plus a strong anchor of the rhythm section to a big band quality, finding myself in a highly responsive area where one can go with the flow and yet keep the music canvases within certain idioms.

    All in all, I was delighted to give as much freedom as I could to every member of the ensemble who have been a great support and pleasure to work with.

    Yuriy Galkin - May 2011