• CD62 Dominic J Marshall Trio - Icaros
    Album Title: Icaros
    Artist: Dominic J Marshall Trio
    Catalogue no: F-IRECD62
    Date of Release : 10/09/2012
    Price: 9.99 GBP

    Young British jazz pianist-composer Dominic J Marshall’s trio features Tobias Nijboer at the double bass, and Kaspars Kurdeko on drums, two of Amsterdam's finest rhythm section players. The three Amsterdam-based musicians have been playing together for a year, and over that time have developed a kinship and a unique sense of interaction.

    Dominic J Marhsall : Piano
    Tobias Nijboer : Double Bass
    Kaspars Kurdeko : Drums

    Following their striking debut “the Oneness”, the trio’s second album, “ICAROS”, will be released in September 2012 on F-IRE Label -‘F-IRE presents’ series. The album comprises solely of Marshall's original compositions, and the collective improvisations that spring forth from them. Dominic J Marshall cites such disparate artists as J Dilla, Hermann Hesse, Joan Miró, Alejandro Jodorowsky and J.S. Bach as influences.
    The album has so many elements in it; groove, improvisation, romance... Full of unexpected twists and turns and build-ups and releases, that completes the performance, making a low-key melody into something much more. ICAROS brings the true feeling of jazz into action and captures the listener with its gently swinging mood. All in all a very musical walk into the future, but with deference to the roots of the music.


    "...a considerable pianistic talent... pleasingly self-absorbed but consistently communicative and inventive piano solos that really impress... featuring an intense, fiercely interactive trio." (Chris Parker - LondonJazz)

    "Marshall is a budding talent with a fertile mind and displays a youthful energy as well as a darker, deeper side." (Don Albert - Downbeat)

    "A wonderfully fresh-sounding trio [Tyratarantis] of young musicians who play so easily you lose sight of the technical accomplishments of all the band members and just dig the feel... they communicate great joy. I think no-one's told them yet that life's supposed to be difficult!" - (John Law)

    "He plays with real beauty and sensitivity and his compositions are really very imaginative. Echoes of EST." (Chris Gumbley)








    Loose in Your Atmosphere 05:24



    Pointer 07:39



    Smile for Us 08:29



    Sphere 07:05



    Ojos de la Pastora 09:32



    Makarska 06:57
    7   The Way of the Dinosaurs 06:40



    Alongside Aliens 06:55
    9   No Umbrella 06:16
    10   The Basement 07:14


    F-IRECD 62 C & P Dominic J Marshall 2012. All rights reserved.
    All compositions by Dominic J Marshall.
    Recorded at Conservatorium Van Amsterdam 4th June 2012.
    Engineered by Lex Tanger
    Mastered by Darius Helfteren
    Original artwork by 'Las Nalpeas Del Renaco' by Pablo Ameringo
    Graphic design by Tania Freire