• CD63 Chris Higginbottom - Where Land Ends

    Album Title: Where Land Ends
    Artist: Chris Higginbottom
    Catalogue no: F-IRECD63
    Date of Release: 15/10/2012
    Price: 9.99 GBP

    The second album by drummer/composer/producer Chris Higginbottom, his first on the F-IRE label, consists of six highly original compositions featuring some of the finest jazz talent the UK has ever produced: Mike Outram (guitar), Tom Cawley (keyboards) and Robin Mullarkey (bass). The music marks a change in direction from Chris' acoustic, swinging debut which he recorded whilst living in New York to a more contemporary, electric sound.

    Chris Higginbottom -Drums
    Mike Outram - Guitar
    Tom Cawley - Keyboards
    Robin Mullarkey - Bass


    24/10/2012, Rich Rainlore, Rainlore's World
    "Totally consistent, Where Land Ends is completely mesmerising, not merely compelling. It is an irresistible album that one wishes would never end and that one could play all the time. One of the truly great albums of the year, Where Land Ends is also full of a certain charm and beauty. It is simply brilliant!"

    Tom Shearer - Byased
    a couple of years back, John Scofield claimed to have noticed a revival of interest in fusion. He could certainly use this album as evidence. 

    Chris Parker - London Jazz Blog
    "The compositions spring from a beat or rhythm that clearly intrigues Higginbottom and gives rise to a slowly intensifying collective workout, Outram by turns howling, swooning or burning as required, while Cawley quietly decorates and embellishes."

    Cut The Crap
    "Chris has deliberately allowed them room to express themselves without having their heads buried in reams of sheet music, bringing group interplay to the fore: Whilst some parts of the album showcase the quartet’s technical abilities, solo sections are often quite simple passages allowing the players more freedom to improvise as a unit. The result is an album that is at once both accessible and challenging, to play and to listen to."

    23/12/2005, John Fordham, The Guardian
    "Higginbottom moves effortlessly but with crisp insistence across genres....very sophisticated post-bop"

    14/10/2005 Andrew Vine, Yorkshire Post
    "an exceptionally fine record by another outstanding young British player.... It's a no-nonsense, hard-driving set.....Higginbottom prefers to stroke the band's fires than go front and centre for endless solos, and the music benefits"

    20/02/2006, Eric J. Iannelli, All About Jazz
    "Common to all of Higginbottom's compositions, is a fully self-assured and developed sound....One is a showcase of fine ensemble playing by four impressive individual talents and a distinguished bandleader debut for Higginbottom"

     18/11/2012, Wesley Stephenson
    a pleasant, light and breezy affair, technically unquestionable, very smoothly played with tight slick production and I would recommend it as a treat listen for those who want a bit of high quality modern Jazz and Funk fusion.

    “Up-to-the-minute and frighteningly accomplished” – The Observer

    “Higginbottom moves effortlessly but with crisp insistence across genres” – the Guardian
    “Precise and virtuosic” – Jazzwise magazine

    “‘One’ is a showcase of fine ensemble playing by four impressive individual talents and a distinguished bandleader debut for Higginbottom.”- All About Jazz

    “Chris Higginbottom’s drumming has the smooth clarity that Tony Williams used to demonstrate” – Evening Standard

    “Chris is such a musical drummer. He plays with tremendous energy, and his feel is second to none” – producer Mikal Blue (Colbie Callait, One Republic, Five for Fighting)






    1   Stir 8.38
    2   The Wide Open 8.22
    3   Shifty 7.46
    4   Taters In The Mould 8.02
    5   Sort Of Lullaby 4.52
    6   Where Land Ends 9.52


    All Compositions by Chris Higginbottom.
    C&P Chris Higginbottom 2012. All rights reserved.

    Recorded at Fish Factory Studios, London, October 31st and November 1st 2011.
    Engineered by Antonio Feola, Mixed by Robin Mullarkey.
    Mastered by Mandy Parnell at Black Saloon Studios.