Aether Drift - Michelson Morley - F-IRECD66 (2014)
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This debut album by Bristol-based trio Michelson Morley is melodic, exciting and beguilingly atmospheric. Led by Get The Blessing saxophonist Jake McMurchie, electronics and acoustic instruments combine with a minimalist, evolutionary approach to improvisation. At times dark, subtle and movingly beautiful, at others powerful and raw, the results are always innovative, tuneful and exciting. Scientifically aural magic.


Jake McMurchie saxophone, effects
Will Harris bass
Mark Whitlam drums, electronics


1   Rice Rage 4.14
2   Aether Drift 9.22
3   Cross-Stream Roundrip Time 7.04
4   Your Eyebrows Go Well With Your Face 6.58
5   End of Age 7.28
6   Wish I Knew 11:38
7   Fringe Shift 5.46


Tony Benjamin, Venue Magazine
"… this band has a subtle range of textures that really needs our attention. The line-up is predictable and promising, but the idea is more surprising – loose modal improvisational pieces based on insistence and evolution. It’s a mix of acoustic and electric, with McMurchie’s synth-sax and pedals and Whitlam’s fancy-pad augmented kit adding loops and language beyond the expected... there’s a snappy little tune and, for one number, a surf-pop drumbeat and a wig-out bass like jazz on a 60s Californian beach."