Meander - Tales from Meanderthal - F-IRECD67 (2014)
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11 tracks, 9 new compositions and 2 new arrangements in a style that often leaves the realm of what is tradionnally described as "jazz".The concept of improvising in a music that also includes large parts arranged in depth has remained. Matt’s influences and inspirations concerning rhythm often come from Africa and the Middle East, harmonies from jazz and impressionism. Matt studied film music composition, which becomes apparent in all these different atmospheres and colours that frame Meander’s music, it really is a kind of storytelling which led to the title “Tales from Meanderthal”


Matt Börgmann guitar
Roby Glod saxophone
Luca Sales piano
Laurent Peckels bass
Gilles Wagner drums
Eric Durrer percussion


1   Secret Dances of the Monks 7.43
2   Pills ‘n Mushrooms 7.28
3   Low Halo 8.45
4   Shiva in Disguise 6.31
5   Meanderthal (white) 3.39
6   Lonely Voyage 8.36
7   Ants on the Moon 4.00
8   Let Go 5.43
9   Summerdance 9.18
10   Road Rage 5.08
11   Shiva Unveiled 1.15

All compositions by Matt Börgmann except "Lonely voyage" by Eric Durrer & Luca Salesand "Meanderthal (white)" by Roby Glod & Eric Durrer


Recorded at Rising Sun "JET" studio Brussels, Belgium
Recording, mixing and mastering Géraldine Capart
Production Matt Börgmann
Artwork and Design Marion Inglessi & Dora Giannopoulou
Photography Aggela Inglessi