Old Life New Shoes - Laka D - F-IRECD68 (2014)
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Old Life, New Shoes is a collection of songs, some densely arranged theatrical pieces, some loose flowing lyrical elegies.The songs tell stories of love, hope, road rage and the passing of time. There are thoughtful tunes such as 'The Sea' with Pete Whyman's bass clarinet in a trio with Laka's piano and voice, and the funk infused guitar of Jennifer Maidman on 'Twist Like A Ribbon'. The title track looks to the future with wry hope.


Laka D piano, vocals
Pete Whyman saxophones, bass clarinet
Jennifer Maidman guitar
Dudley Phillips bass
Simon Pearson drums
Ade Omotayo vocals
Bea Hankey vocals


1 Old Life, New Shoes 5.40
2 One Time 6.49
3 The Sea 5.05
4 Me And Susan Sarandon 6.48
5 Breaking My Own Heart 5.26
6 Twist Like A Ribbon 5.45
7 Hand Over Hand 5.49
8 Sashay Down The Street 5.45
9 One Day 5.14

All compositions and lyrics by Laka D


Recorded at City University, London
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Lewis
Artwork Angela Spark
Photography Vick Ryder