Torbjörn Ömalm & Saajo - Tih - F-IRECD71 (2014)
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Torbjörn Ömalm & Saajo explores the potentials of combining modern jazz with the folkmusic of Lapland / Torne valley on their new release "Tih". "Tih" is a concept album that explores a synthesis of modern jazz and the folkmusic of Lapland and the Tornevalley (Finnish / Saami-speaking area in Sweden) with a slight touch of indie. The music on the album vary between compositions made for trio-, duo- and solo situations. The album consists of 15 compositions that are dark, rootsy and atmospheric with a hopeful spark. It is music for both the glad and the sad. The word "Tih" means "stop and listen" in Meänkieli, one of the minority languages of Lapland and the Tornevalley.


Torbjörn Ömalm guitar and kantele
Bo Söderberg drums and percussion
Robert Erlandsson double bass
Henrik Rytiniemi (H. Niva) vocals on "Köyhä"


1   Slark 4.58
2   Siela Mattassa 2.20
3   Hukka 2.20
4   Virsini 5.24
5   Pirun Tanssi 2.01
6   Onega 3.51
7   Enkeli 3.13
8   Barnvisa från Malmberget/Lastenlaulu Malmivaarasta 1.44
9   Laaksoruusu 4.01
10   Kellariäijä 3.02
11   Jään Päälä 3.17
12   Reilu Valssi 6.32
13   Tih 4.11
14   Köyhä (feat. H. Niva) 6.29
15   Karelsk Gråtsång 3.16

All compositions by Torbjörn Ömalm except "Barnvisa från Malmberget / Lastenlaulu Malmivaarasta" (traditional), "Laaksoruusu" (traditional) and "Karelsk Gråtsång" (traditional). Arrangements by Torbjörn Ömalm. Lyrics on "Köyhä" by Henrik Rytiniemi.


Studio KMH studios Sthlm
Engineering, mastering, & mixing Magnus Kolterud, Olle Markensten, Erik Pettersson and Eirik Roland
Producer Torbjörn Ömalm
Artwork & design Chris P. Bacon
Photography Judit Gustafsson


The album is a result from an intense composing-period during Torbjörn´s master-studies. It was recorded at different dates and locations in 2012. The tracknames are mostly in mankieli (language) and reflects places, situations and culture in the arctic region.

Torbjörn Ömalm was born and raised in the saami and mankieli speaking area of northern Sweden (Jellivaara/Satter). He began playing the guitar at the early age of 9, and from there on his interest in music grew bigger and wider. After attending different music schools around Sweden he moved to Stockholm 2004 to attend the Royal College of Music where he studied afro-american music styles in practice and theory (Bachelor's- and master's degree). He currently lives in Stockholm and work as a freelance musician in several bands and constellations, as well as a composer and guitar teacher. He is mostly active in jazz and folk genres but is also fluent in other styles of music. Torbjörn uses elements from his native area such as inspirations from the language, mankieli, and the esthetics of its culture when he writes music for his own groups. In 2010 he released his first solo album titled "Saajo", which also happens to be the name of the trio he is working with.