Next Beginning - Samuel Eagles - F-IRECD72 (2015)
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This is Samuel Eagles' debut album. The album consists of original music composed by Samuel drawing on influences from North American modern music and the Jazz tradition. Weaving through simple melodies, syphisticated improvisation, dreamy sheets of sound and fiery drumming, the quartet takes you on an exciting journey of next beginnings.


Samuel Eagle saxophone
Ralph Wyld vibraphone
Ferg Ireland double bass
Eric Ford Drums



1   Remembering Myself 9.55
2   The Place I Live 8.10
3   50 Pound Friendship 8.04
4   Outsider 7.55
5   Smells Like Summer 6.47
6   My Instigation 8.11
7   We Were Meant to Be 5.01
8   Next Beginning 8.55

All Compositions by Samuel Eagles


Recorded at Clown Studio
Engineering mastering + mixing Derek Nash
Produced by Derek Nash and Samuel Eagles
Artwork and design Alban low