Pembroke Road - Leo Appleyard - F-IRECD75 (2014)
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Pembroke Road is the debut album by London-based guitarist Leo Appleyard. An album rich in variety and atmosphere, it is also a testament to the strength of enduring musical relationships: "I've played in bands with Duncan Eagles and Max Luthert for more of my life than I haven't," says Appleyard. Loose tempos, rubato feels, rapid transitions of mood, tricky time signatures become as natural as breathing in the company of musicians whose habits of working together are so well-honed. He also likes to be surrounded by strong melodic voices: Wales-based trumpeter Neil Yates guests on three tracks on the album.


Leo Appleyard guitar
Neil Yates trumpet / flugelhorn
Duncan Eagles tenor sax
Max Luthert bass
Eric Ford drums/ percussion


1 The Homeless Wizard 5.45
2 Mass 4.44
3 The Cleaver 8.50
4 Anywhere South 5.34
5 Mantra 8.51
6 Onega 3.51
7 Pembroke Road 9.28
8 Intro to a Waltz 0.55
9 Walsio 6.15
10 Kellariäijä 3.02
11 I Remember You 2.30

All compositions by Leo Appleyard, except “I Remember You” - Victor Scertzinger (Arr. Leo Appleyard)


Recorded at StudiOwz, Pembrokeshire, 08/13
Engineering Owain Fleetwood Jenkins
Mixing Owain Fleetwood Jenkins
Mastering Tyler McDiarmid
Produced by Leo Appleyard / Owain Fleetwood Jenkins
Photography Daniel Redding
Artwork and Design Alban Low